Why Facebook’s New YouTube Rival Faces Very Different Challenges



New DNA Evidence Proves African Americans Are In Fact Native Indigenous Aborigines

Malcolm X once stated “Aborigine. Which means what? Black Folks.” Then he later went on to say “You and I are Aborigine.” Malcolm X stated that the rock landed on us after …

Source: New DNA Evidence Proves African Americans Are In Fact Native Indigenous Aborigines

50 Shades of Purple

Purple is my favorite color in every shade.

Many Interesting Facts

What colors make purple? (with a long list of shades with names)

Or: What two colors make purple?

Simply saying: a purple is a color between red and blue in the color wheel. But as you can see on the picture below where only a fraction of possible mixes of three primary colors is displayed, this definition is in most cases far from satisfactory. There are actually hundreds of different colors, each with a unique name, between red and blue and the word purple is definitely not enough to describe all of them.

example-of-color-wheel There are three colors placed between red and blue with purple in the middle.

A unique definition of purple color does not exist. While every mix of blue and red can qualify, we can, at least, say blue and red are mandatory components. We can add a bit of yellow as well, so all possible brownish tones…

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