Westerfield Tolbert is the brain child behind Wordwright Valor & Co. This space is a forum where the dissemination of information will take place. I seek to highlight current events as they happen, especially ones that connect people. Here at Wordwright Valor & Co. we do our best to highlight cultural conceptions that affect us daily. We strive to acknowledge contemporary pioneers. Unrestricted, honest and creative content discussed in a courteous open forum. In my personal quest for understanding of issues that relate to media I have acquired skills that translate into services that can be provided. These are some but are not limited to journalism writing and editing, videotaping and production, press release writing and distribution, and marketing and image consulting. There will be times when I share through Wordwright Valor & Co. Information relevant to any one of the aforementioned skills turned services. For myself this is a bold idea, that Wordwright Valor & Co. will mold into a forward thinking ideal. We’ve set out to bring to the forefront issues and elements of our culture that are often overlooked. At the front of the class I’d also have sit the fundamentals of where our generation finds ourselves. Sometimes through music, fashion, today politics, and a variety of topics; we seek to be your premier online resource, to assist you with answers, where shut doors reflect unanswered questions. Why aren’t questions answered? Is it a level of un-confronted truth that keeps certain knowledge secret? Whatever the reason may be, we strive to bring those inquiries to the table. Not every idea will be pleasant or socially acceptable, but we’ll let you the readers decide. After all the choice to make and live with the choices we make is one of the perks of being a human being. Assuming that you are all human beings you still have those liberties, though not everyone can proclaim liberties in the same degree, if only in thought, they are ours to own. I ask that you join us on this journey; undeniably it will be new and ambitious. Nothing comes to those who sit on their hands, and even less to those who don’t extend one to one reaching in return. As I attempt to reach you in your homes, on your iPads, and varies gadgets; receive these ideals, these forward thinking measures taken to preserve what we hold in high regard. Welcome, it is our pleasure to have your attention today; it will be the world’s pleasure to experience your contribution tomorrow.

-Wm. Westerfield Tolbert-