Nyesuadah’s “KINGDOM MUSIC” finally HERE!


Nyesuadah Tolbert (pronounced Nes-Wa-Dah) debuts his 3rd inspirational mix-tape “KINGDOM MUSIC“.  This Hip Hop Gospel sensation is steady picking up steam and riding on a righteous cloud. As a gospel artist producing and creating Hip Hop music he hopes to break into the industry and leave a lasting impression. The mix-tape is hosted by Louisville’s own DJ Cinemax. Nyesuadah combines contemporary issues with his lyrical ability and own life experience to bring light to a little known genre. You can find Nyesuadah on twitter @NYESUADAH.  You can also download his latest mix-tape “KINGDOM MUSIC” at ThatCrack.com or on Datpiff.com.

Nyesuadah or translated “So God Says” a powerful name with a powerful voice. Born in White Plains, N.Y., by 17 had already lived to experience life everywhere from the blood diamond shores of Sierra Leone to the Home of Muhammad Ali Louisville, KY.  Nyesuadah doesn’t fit the mold of what the games been missing but breaks the mold. Nyesuadah’s bold and outspoken message and unique style conquer every track with an upbeat in your face sound. He often nicknames his music, God-hop or Kingdom Music. Overall Nyesuadah is truly a messenger translating his HARD learned lessons. His outlook on our home EARTH and adventures with love and war along his spiritual journey come together in the songs he creates. Nyesuadah is a songwriter, performer and producer. He has opened up for artists such as Dwayne Woods and Ambassador, performed on multiple features, open mics, church talent shows, bible studies you name it. Well, I can see you’re interested so listen to the music and see what the fuss is all about.

Co-signed by Wordwright Valor & Co.

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