Time is time. Money is Money.

Tonight Capo and I spoke as we usually do. We touched on the various projects that are underway between our companies. I think it’s amazing how ambition can only take you so far even charisma has its limitations. Everything requires work and for things to turn out well often a substantial amount is needed. A good idea is really worth nothing, millions of homeless people have great ideas. It comes down to what is done with what you know. What you do with the various thoughts that flash in your mind. Not just when it flashes, and long after you’ve written them down. Victory and success is held for those few brave people who risk failure embarrassment and sometimes utter catastrophe in pursuit of an idea. I believe all ideas are great but without expounding on them they’re worth nothing. Capo left me with a task; He challenged me to look within myself, to look at all the great ideas we’ve spent many nights working on and see one, just one completely through to the end. I ended the conversation with the words “enough said”, after that nothing more needed to be discussed in reality. I know what I need to do; the good thing is I don’t even need to begin anything new. All that needs to come from me at this stage is, “the end”. It’s important to remember chasing endless projects is a waste of time. Not a waste of money necessarily, but the valuable time you waste will cost you money in the long run.


~Westerfield Tolbert

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