What Once Was Patience

Why do people with short tempers expect people to be patient with them? I have moments when I don’t want to be bothered. When my wick is very short, I don’t allow this to effect others. My wick is beginning to burn short with people of little consideration. There once was a time when I excused behavior, “them being them”. I did this so when it’s time to be me, my rationales not questioned. My perspective here’s changed. The elements of my character that reflect how I act and treat people and myself has already taken thought. Those I work and commune with who don’t have those same learned behaviors; I must now adjust my conduct. Now to reflect a non-acceptance of what I consider unacceptable behavior and manner on all fronts. You will get treated with the amount of respect and maturity you display.


~Westerfield Tolbert

-Live from Tolbert House-


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