William F. H. Tolbert

It’s been a year now since I lost my brother to an Intracranial Hypertension with the underlying cause being a SUBARACHNOID AND INTRACEREBERAL HEMORRHAGE; RUPTURED INTRACRANIAL ANEURYSM. Long explanation still without a brother and still without a tear shed. I’ve never been one to become overwhelmed with emotions even in times of grief. I’ve often wondered in the last year if that should have still been the case.

As I ran through what would appear to be a small range of
emotions I thought to myself; of all the experiences we have, what make up the
defining moments of our lives? How are we supposed to grade the events that
make up our lives significant sets of incidents? I know I’ve seen so much and
had to endure so much so often that the moments all seem to roll into one. It
fills out to be a movie reel that competes with the likes of The Never Ending Story.

I’ve decided they’re maybe aren’t truly defining moments,
rather lessons that unequivocally needed to be learned. Now the lesson that
comes from losing someone close to you, I can’t explain what that is yet. It
won’t for me fall into the category of being closer to family; my bunch is as
tight as they come. Or to appreciate life, I’ve taken full advantage of life
since my early trials where I myself came close to losing it.

I can’t tell you what I learned from all this, I don’t know
if I’ll ever figure it out either. I do know Felix will never get a chance to
meet my first son. We’ll never get to reminisce with our future selves on our
pasts like we always thought we would. Well, life and death, as real as it
gets. Enough  said.

2 thoughts on “William F. H. Tolbert

  1. We all feel that way brother, most especially when this tragic incident occurred .It almost three years since Felix have gone but this made has made th personally recognized that the fact that we must treat every moment as precious: knowing that our lives are always in the hands of God.

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